Spoiler Alert - EFA Overview 2018

Fund administration is a pivotal role going beyond accounting and transfer agency related tasks. EFA's services are connecting the main players in the fund value chain through a central and independent positioning. Asset managers can rely on EFA to ensure that their funds are meeting all operational and regulatory obligations, at the best value for money, and that fund investors are provided with a high quality service as well as information and transparency on their assets... Stay tuned for more


Private Asset Services

Whether it's private equity, real estate, debt or any other type of private assets, you can rely upon our Private Asset Services team to support your business in a range of sectors, including venture capital, leverage buyout, infrastructure debt, SME lending, mezzanine debt, fund of funds and others. More information


Tax Services

Designed to support investment funds in the distribution of their shares or units to an international investor base, EFA performs the calculation and publication of all relevant tax reports and figures, as required by tax authorities of the countries concerned. EFA also provides VAT, FATCA and CRS services.



Who are we?

EFA is an independent and highly specialised company offering a complete range of innovative services, delivered with a personal touch, to the most demanding clients in the global fund industry.