PRIIPs-KID services

EFA offers its clients full PRIIP-KID services:

  •  The "PRIIPs KID Manager" for the production of the PRIIPs KID document

  •  The "PRIIPs KID Data" for the delivery of PRIIPs KID data files (EPT & CEPT)


Tax Services

Designed to support investment funds in the distribution of their shares or units to an international investor base, EFA performs the calculation and publication of all relevant tax reports and figures, as required by tax authorities of the countries concerned. EFA also provides VAT, FATCA and CRS services.



Solvency Data Set Services

To help management companies gather the required data, EFA produces a Solvency data set enabling insurers to feed their regulatory reporting and their risk management tools. Clients can obtain data set built on the regulatory "QRTs" format and data set built on the tripartite template.



Who are we?

EFA is an independent and highly specialised company offering a complete range of innovative services, delivered with a personal touch, to the most demanding clients in the global fund industry.

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