In response to clients' need to receive and distribute report information quickly and efficiently, European Fund Administration offers an extensive range of reports for investment managers, distributors, fund sponsors, custodian banks and key investors.

Integrated with our Fund Accounting and Transfer Agency systems, EFA's report distribution system allows access to core fund accounting, transfer agency and risk and performance data.

All EFA's reports are carefully designed according to best practice standards.

Bespoke reports are developed to include many customisation options and can be modified according to client requirements, for further distribution within partner organisations and companies.


Accounting Reports

EFA's online reporting tool, EFAnet, allows clients to receive timely and relevant reports on fund activity. EFAnet makes fund data available to all actors in the investment fund process via web-enquiry, e-mail, FTP or fax.

Fund Activity reports include:

  • Portfolio Statement
  • Valuation Statement
  • Net Assets Position
  • Liabilities Position
  • TERs
  • Securities Movement
  • Portfolio Breakdown
  • Change in NAV per share class
  • NAV per share
  • Consolidation of total Net Assets
  • Portfolio top holdings

Transfer Agency Reports

Key Characteristics

  • Multilingual (English, French, German, Italian and Swedish)
  • Customisable: insertion of logo and marketing messages possible
  • Consolidated across multiple funds

All reports available are as print (PDF) or data files (CSV or XLS). Reports are available in real-time, at desired frequency. Automated generation is triggered by specific business events. EFA's TA reports and data files are dispatched through mail, fax or email or secured FTP server.

EFA's TA reports include :

  • Fund group and distributor reports
    • Estimation of fund payable and receivable (per holder, distributor)
    • List of transactions (per holder/distributor)
    • List of transactions by main holder
    • Fund payable and receivable
    • List of outstanding shares
    • Register report per share class
    • (detailed and summary) commission report per distributor
    • Price list (detailed/summary)
  • Investor reports
    • Subscription, redemption, switch, transfer confirmations (institutional, retail, transferor and   transferee)
    • Holding/account statements
    • Corporate action payment
    • Saving plans reports

Risk and Performance reports

EFA provides performance & risk monitoring through EFA Analytics, a supplementary business line. EFA Analytic's extensive report range includes:

Risk and Performance monitoring reports

  • Key performance and risk measures
  • Fund versus benchmark in bull and bear markets analysis
  • Advanced risk analysis including Value-at-Risk and risk decomposition

UCITS IV Risk Reports

  • Global risk with the commitment approach
  • Liquidity risks
  • Counterparty risk
  • Concentration risk
  • Coverage rules applicable for financial derivative instruments
  • Currency risk exposure
  • Credit risk exposure
  • Interest rate risk
  • Risk summary giving an overview on all risk measures

Value-at-Risk reports in line with UCITS IV Directive

  • Value-at-risk using historical simulation with full re-pricing method (StatPro)
  • Liquidity risk
  • Stress testing
  • Back testing
  • Exposure analysis

Performance and risk attribution reports

  • Per security/position
  • Per sector
  • Per geographic area

Operational risk report

Monitors delegated functions by reviewing a series of KPI and performing a qualitative service review.

For further details on EFA Analytics reports, please contact us


AIFM regulatory reporting services

The AIFM Directive stipulates that every AIFM shall regularly report to its national competent authorities on the main instruments and markets which it trades in and which it is a member of, and on the principal exposures and most important concentration risks of the AIFs it manages.

EFA developed a regulatory reporting solution for all AIFMs, whether they are registered or authorised, which is compliant with ESMA guidelines and covers all sets of AIFM regulatory reports. This solution combines well with EFA's AIF Risk Reporting services, that allow the monitoring of all AIFs key risks.

The scope of EFA's AIFM regulatory reporting services includes

  • Supervision of the overall process and guidance on key issues
  • Data gathering and data management
  • Production of all required reports for all types of AIFs
  • Calculation of key risk measures to be disclosed in the regulatory reports
  • Monthly monitoring of Assets under Management and leverage

For further details on EFA AIFM regulatory reporting services, please contact us.