Systems: Approach

European Fund Administration knows high service levels, increasingly specific service demands, keeping up with regulatory changes and downward pressure on costs require extensive and strategic investment in fund administration systems.

EFA develops and maintains information technology systems to deliver and support the exact mix of services you need.

Apart from material resources, EFA also devotes considerable human resources to IT: 1 in 10 of EFA's employees are engaged in the development, maintenance and support of our IT systems.

Core - Satellite

EFA's fully integrated platform consists of a suite of bespoke tools, interacting via powerful middleware with EFA's core fund accounting and transfer agency applications.

EFA's two pronged approach of selecting best-of-breed core and satellite applications ensures EFA can provide the most appropriate solution for the nature of the improvement required.


EFA's IT systems are designed to be flexible, scalable, open and robust.

All EFA's applications are designed for use in a multi-currency and multi-lingual environment.

EFA's technology platform complies with the highest system availability standards and incorporates a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.